Thursday, February 24, 2011

Riddles-Set 2

What animal has the smallest appetite?
Ans. A moth (It eats only holes)

How many letters are there in the alphabet?
Ans. 11 (t-h-e-a-l-p-h-a-b-e-t)

What color was Napoleon’s white horse?
Ans. White.

What did the fire man say when the church caught on fire?
Ans. “Holy smoke!”

Why did the boy rolls rocks down the hill?
Ans. He wanted to see Rolling Stones

What kind of bed is a three-season bed?
Ans. one without a spring

Where do tough chickens come from?
Ans. From hard boiled eggs.

When is it polite to serve milk in a saucer?
Ans. When you feed the cat.

What has 6 legs, but walks with only 4?
Ans. A horse with a rider.

What can you break with only one word?
Ans. Silence

If you cross a camera and a mirror, what do you get?
Ans. A camera that takes picture of itself.

How do birds stop themselves in the air?
Ans. With air brakes.

What is the brightest fish?
Ans. Starfish.

What is the biggest ant?
Ans. An elephant. (eleph-ant)

What kind of beans won’t grow in a garden?
Ans. Jelly beans.

Why are we sure that Indians were the first people America?
Ans. Because they have reservations.

How does a witch tell time?
Ans. With a witch watch.

What is the one room a zombie’s house doesn’t need?
Ans. A living room.

What is blue, flies, and is dangerous?
Ans. A bluebird with a gun.

What goes from side to side, and up and down, but never moves?
Ans. A road.

What happened when the icicle landed on the man’s head?
Ans. It knocked him cold

What is a drill sergeant?
Ans. An army dentist.

Why doesn’t the piano work?
Ans. Because it only knows how to play

What did the book say to the librarian?
Ans. Can I take you out?

What has a neck but no head?
Ans. A bottle

What is a sleeping bull?
Ans. A bull dozer.

How can you double your money?
Ans. Look at it in a mirror.

What is a very hard subject?
Ans. The study of rocks.

What has a big mouth, but can’t talk?
Ans. A jar

If you fell off a ladder, what would you fall against?
Ans. Against your will.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Riddles-Set 1

What has two hands but no arms?
Ans. A clock.

What kind of water can’t be freeze?
Ans. Hot water.

What insect can be spelled with just one letter?
Ans. B.

What is the science of shopping?
Ans. Biology (buy-ology).

What can you hold without touching it?
Ans. A conversation.

Why do you go to bed?
Ans. Because the bed will not come to you?

What has four wheels and flies?
Ans. A garbage truck.

What fur do you get from a skunk?
Ans. As fur (far) as possible.

What kind of ant can count?
Ans. An accountant (account-ant).

What would you call a small wound?
Ans. A short cut.

What do seven days of dieting do?
Ans. They make one weak (week).

How can you tell if you are cross-eyed?
Ans. When you see eye-to-eye with yourself.

What did the boy ghost whistle at the girl ghost?
Ans. She was boo-tiful!

Why did the man hit the clock?
Ans. Because the clock struck first.

What is a boxer’s favorite drink?
Ans. Punch.

Does your clock tell time?
Ans. No, you have to look at it.

How can you fix a short circuit?
Ans. Lengthen it.

What is the biggest building?
Ans. The library. It has the most stories.

When is a miniskirt long?
Ans. When a midget wears it.

How do mice kiss?
Ans. Mouse-to-mouse.(mouth-to-mouth).

What is the difference between a coat and a baby?
Ans. One you wear, the other you were.

What kind of mistake does a ghost make?
Ans. A boo-boo.

What does a mummy child call its parents?
Ans. Mummy and Daddy.

What is the quietest sport?
Ans. Bowling, because you can hear a pin drop.

How does a pair of pants feel when it is ironed?
Ans. Depressed.

Spell mouse trap in letters.
Ans. C-A-T

What dish is out of this world?
Ans. A flying saucer.

What happens to an author after he dies?
Ans. He becomes a ghost writer.

What is a very popular perfume?
Ans. A best smeller.

How do Mummies behave?
Ans. In a grave manners.

Why couldn’t Batman go fishing?
Ans. Because robin ate all the worms.